Paleogeographic maps

Paleogeographic reconstructions of the New Zealand landmass and offshore sedimentary basins from the Cretaceous to present day are illustrated in a series of eight maps (after King et al. 1999, King 2000).

To view individual maps, click below:

Watch an animation of the paleogeographic changes over the last 65 millions years below or download the animation.

King, P. R., Naish, T. R., Browne, G. H., Field, B. D., Edbrooke, S. W. 1999: Cretaceous to Recent sedimentary patterns in New Zealand. Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences folio series 1, version 1999.1.

King, P.R. 2000: New Zealand's changing configuration in the last 100 million years: plate tectonics, basin development, and depositional setting. 2000 New Zealand Oil Exploration Conference Proceedings: 132-146. Wellington, Ministry of Economic Development.

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