Field Trips

Specialist field trips: exploring New Zealand’s sedimentary basins

No. days New Zealand Field Trips
3 Onshore Northland: Behind-arc tectonics, sediments and hydrocarbons
4 Northern Taranaki: Slope-to-basin floor sequences
2-3 Whanganui Basin: Outcrop sequence stratigraphic analogue for shallow-water depositional systems
1-5 East Coast Region: Subduction margin overview, source and reservoir facies
3 Hawke’s Bay: Outcrop analogues for shallow- to marginal-marine depositional systems
1-5 Raukumara: Petroleum system analogues for the Raukumara Basin
1 Wairarapa day trip: Subduction margin overview, source and reservoir facies
3 Northwest Nelson: Cretaceous outcrop analogues for non-marine and shallow marine source and reservoir facies
3-5 Canterbury Basin: Outcrop analogues for Mid-Cretaceous to Early Tertiary source rocks and reservoir facies
2-3 Canterbury Plains Braid Delta: Outcrop analogue for sequence development, with reservoir implications
2-4 West Coast: Paralic coal measure sediments
3+ Chatham Islands: Costal plain and shallow marine Mid-Cretaceous source and reservoir sediments
2-3 Great South Basin: Outcrop analogues for Mid Cretaceous to Tertiary source, reservoir and seal facies

All the Field trips are customizable to your requirements, please contact the Earth Resources and Materials, and Surface Geosciences departments to book a field trip or to discuss your requirements further. 

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