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Seismic Interpretation and Frontier Basins Exploration

Delivering a regional, permit and prospect scale understanding of petroleum systems

Our services and expertise include:

  • data processing - seismic data QC, preparation, conditioning and loading for interpretation, synthetic seismogram generation, analysis and verifying well to seismic ties using synthetics.
  • 2D and 3D seismic and structural interpretation of time and depth volumes and acoustic impedance volumes, as well as time and depth mapping of seismic interpretations.
  • high resolution mapping overlaying multiple attributes - coherency/chaos and dip azimuth attributes useful for fault delineation, dip deviation useful for low-angle fault delineation, amplitude attributes useful in facies delineation.
  • modelling - time depth conversion and velocity modelling, structural modelling from horizon to field scale, static geological framework modelling in preparation for upscaling to reservoir modelling.
  • integration of seismic data with well log, core, petrophysical and biostratigraphic data to develop robust geological interpretation.
  • independent review of hydrocarbon prospect evaluation for farm-in and exploration projects.
  • frontier basins exploration - the search for thick accumulations of sedimentary rock and assessment of their potential for producing petroleum and wealth for the nation.
  • industry-standard software - Globe Claritas, Petrel, Geoframe IESX, SeisWare, Recall, 2D and 3D Move, Roxar.

For information on any of our products or services please contact Business Development or call us on +64 4 570 4683.

Staff in the hydrocarbons team can be reached on +64 4 570 1444

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