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Project Examples

Providing minerals services to the exploration and mining industry, and government regulatory agencies.

New Zealand Projects:

  • D0000593 TN

    prospectivity studies on orogenic gold deposits and epithermal gold deposits, more info....

  • working with local government to incorporate information on minerals into regional and district policies and plans, more info....
  • assessment of offshore iron-sand potential.
  • GIS synthesis of geological and exploration data
  • national and regional mineral resource assessments
  • hazard assessment of abandoned underground workings at Waihi
  • structural mapping of orogenic gold deposits
  • mineralogy and chemistry of natural zeolites
  • appraisal of exploration data and programmes for gold-silver prospects, Coromandel Peninsula
  • assessment of ceramic clay deposits
  • assessment of the mineral resources of the Taranaki region
  • mineral commodity reports
  • provision of digital data from our mineral occurrence database
  • fluid inclusion and stable isotope analyses
  • ore petrography including SEM
  • identification of concrete aggregate quality and deleterious properties (Taranaki)
  • resistivity surveys
  • slope stability studies of pit walls
  • monitoring of environmental remediation work (Coromandel)
  • plume reconnaissance work in Havre Trough
  • field and lecture based short courses

Overseas Projects:

  • mineralogy and chemistry of natural zeolites ( Malaysia)
  • assessment of the precious and base metal prospectivity of the Jinniu Volcanic Basin, Hubei Province, China
  • assessment of ceramic clay deposits (north Asia)
  • fluid inclusion and stable isotope analyses (Japan and Canada)
  • ore petrography including SEM ( Sardinia)
  • exploration review of a major epithermal gold field (Australia)