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Short wave near infrared (SWIR) spectral analysis

SWIR permits the rapid identification of minerals for geological and environmental applications, with negligible sample preparation at a fine sampling scale not practical by traditional XRD techniques. The technique is able to identify a wide range of hydrous minerals including clays, micas and other phyllosilicate minerals (e.g. smectite, illite, chlorite, biotite, talc, kaolinite, dickite, and pyrophyllite), selected calc-silicates (i.e. epidote, amphibole), various carbonates (i.e. calcite, ankerite, dolomite, siderite), some sulfates (i.e. alunite) and other less common minerals.SWIR analyses are made using a TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res instrument with interpretations using The Spectral Geologist (TSG®) Pro mineral analysis software.


SWIR minerals analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis. Mineral identification.
  • Spectral Parameter Calculations. Advanced spectral investigation to semi-quantitatively assess mineral crystallinity (i.e. illite) and also composition (i.e. chlorite and micas).

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Turnaround Times
 Usually 1-3 weeks. Faster service available on request.

Sample Submission
 Please contact us for specific details on how to submit your samples.

All parcels containing samples of non-New Zealand origin MUST be accompanied by a MPI import permit, and have the permit number written on the outside of the package.

Sample required

  • A minimal amount of sample is required between 1 to 5 grams. Analyses can be made on rocks, rock chips, powders and pulps.

Courier samples to:

GNS Science
Wairakei Laboratory
114 Karetoto Rd
SH1 Wairakei 3377
New Zealand