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Marine Minerals Exploration Solutions

GNS Science is able to provide a wide range of solutions for marine seafloor hydrothermal mineral system exploration.

  • Turn-key operations using research platforms for seafloor hydrothermal systems
  • Regional multi-beam swath mapping of the seafloor
  • Geophysical surveys of hydrothermal systems
  • CTDO (conductivity, temperature, depth, optical) surveys of hydrothermal emissions
  • Discrete water sampling of plumes with a 21-Niskin bottle array
  • ROV and AUV operations (remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles)
  • ROV sampling of vent fluids, rocks and sulfides
  • Detailed video and photomosaic mapping of the seafloor and vent fields
  • Macro- and micro-biological and ecosystem analysis
  • Ship-based analysis of CH4, pH, Fe, Mn and H2S to guide exploration
  • Shore-based analyses include 3He and stable isotopes, and trace metals
  • Petrography and geochemistry (whole rock, mineral) of sulfides and rocks
  • Dating and element mapping of massive sulfide samples
  • Detailed data analysis and research report preparation

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