Growing the New Zealand minerals industry.

GNS Science leads New Zealand's largest minerals research programme.

We seek to improve understanding of formation processes, develop more effective exploration and extraction practices, assess resource potential, and better define mineral resources related to Maori interests.


Our comprehensive mineral exploration services are based on over 100 years of experience assisting in the exploration and development of mineral resources.

Our dedicated mineral laboratory offers a full range of mineral analytical services.

New Zealand’s largest collection of mineral-related databases is available to support your project.

Check out some project examples.

We have undertaken a range of regional studies for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment to assess the potential prospectivity of critical “green-tech” minerals. Studies for on Rare Earth Elements (REE), Lithium and Nickel/Cobalt were undertaken in 2018 and followed up with a closer study of Lithium Potential in the Taupo Volcanic Zone in 2019.

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