CO2 Storage Consulting

Selection and characterisation of geological CO2 storage sites

To characterise your site we could undertake:

  • regional assessment of geology – at the basin-wide scale with a focus on storage capacity, seal potential and geological risk.
  • site characterisation - specifically developing stratigraphic and structural models, assessing storage capacity, injectivity potential, and containment risks (e.g., seal integrity, fault stability, trap type), and viability of site (e.g., proximity to source, local infrastructure, access), impact on existing natural resources (e.g., groundwater, petroleum and coal).
  • integrated site report – based on the site characterisation, but also including geochemical analyses, long term and short term dynamic modelling, hydrodynamics, monitoring and verification, and risk assessment with consideration of economics.

GNS Science has:

  • commercial expertise in seismic interpretation, petroleum geology, reservoir architecture, geophysical investigations, fluid-rock interactions, hazard assessment, and understanding risk.
  • further research expertise in monitoring and verification, public education and awareness studies and risk assessment.
  • partnerships – as a research provider for CO2CRC.

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