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Industrial Scanners

Non-invasive, automatic, real-time industrial scanning technologies

  • New generation X-ray, optical, and laser scanning systems for industries
  • Non-invasive, production-speed scanning
  • Applications in wood, dairy, wool, horticultural and food industries
  • Monitoring of density, moisture, chemical composition, contaminants and physical dimensions
  • Product integration, improvement and support
  • Small run manufacturing and customisation
IsoScan LDS200 Wood Green-density Automatic Scanners

IsoDS200 Wood Green-density Automatic Scanners

At GNS Science, the IsoScan team has created and commercialised new generation of non-invasive x-ray, optical, and laser scanners open the way to incredible real-time product knowledge and superior manufacture and processing efficiency, across new and existing product streams, in a wide range of industries.

As a key division of GNS Science, we offer world-leading development scientists, supported by expert electronic, mechanical and software engineers. The Isoscan team has prototyped over 100 unique scanning applications for industry, including solutions to measure density, moisture, chemical composition, contaminants, and physical dimensions for the wood, dairy, wool, horticultural, food and utility industries.

LDS 200 Wood Green Density Scanning System

The LDS200 is a Gamma-ray scanning system that measures the green density of timber ready to be kiln dried. Green density is an accurate measure of the “driability” of a piece of lumber.

Immediate Benefits

  • Minimising over-drying and under-drying
  • Minimising the defects and wastage in machined timber and enhancing the overall quality of output
  • Save up to 1% trim loss through your planer operations
  • Speed kiln drying times by up to 15%
Automatic Non-invasive wood scanners

IsoScan LDS200 Automatic non-invasive wood scanners

Key Features

  • Gamma-ray measuring of the green density of lumber.
  • Fast scanning at up to 200 boards per minute
  • Automatic, precise and continuously self-calibrating
  • Non-contact, low maintenance
  • Scan timber up to 100 centimetres in diameter and 6 metres in length
  • Can scan frozen timber
  • Safe and environmentally sound
  • Added option of data capture, trend analysis, and MSG/MSR sorting.
  • Purpose-designed scanners and proven around the world