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Energy Futures

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As ‘the Energy CRI’, GNS Science will play a major role in enabling New Zealand’s transition to a low-carbon future. Our expertise in earth science allows us to develop new and innovative uses for geothermal energy, and we focus our work on new technologies for energy generation and storage. The result: enhanced energy security, increased economic competitiveness and a lower carbon footprint.

What we do:

  • Our science results in a more secure and sustainable renewable energy supply providing a greater contribution to New Zealand’s needs
  • Next-generation renewable energy resources advance New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions future
  • Better understanding of New Zealand’s geothermal resources helps reduce their impact on the environment and helps resource managers make decisions
  • Cutting-edge technology leads to more energy-efficient industries and products

Our stories and examples of our work

Energy Futures
Energy Futures
Energy Futures
Energy Futures

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Theme leader: John Burnell

John Burnell