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GNS Science Geological Map 1; the new seamless Geological Map of New Zealand at 1:250 000

A new digital map based on QMAP data has just been completed.

When production started on the QMAP 1:250 000 map series it was envisaged that the 21 individual geological maps would ultimately be combined into a single seamless geological dataset. This was achieved in June 2014 with the publication of Geological Map of New Zealand 1:250 000, the first map of the new GNS Science Geological Map series. This is a digital-only product, available on DVD. The dataset contains GIS layers for geological units and boundaries, metamorphic units and their boundaries, faults, fold axes, horizons, dikes, veins, structural measurements, data sources, large landslides and resources. The geological map data are accompanied by topographic data supplied by Land Information New Zealand and bathymetric data supplied by NIWA. These layers have been combined into ArcMap, ArcReader and QGIS software project files complete with symbolisation. The DVD can be ordered through GNS Science's Publication Sales .

QMAP seamless dataset

The new QMAP seamless dataset has been stitched together to cover the whole of New Zealand

A highlight of this new seamless dataset is the rich information that can be extracted from the geological features such as age of formation, stratigraphic or terrane affiliation, lithologic description and classification and orientation. The national coverage of this dataset has not compromised the detail that was available in each of 21 QMAP geological map datasets. In fact the process of stitching these maps together has resulted in geometric and data harmonisation across their boundaries and the seamless dataset is a better quality, up-to-date interpretation of New Zealand's geology. In addition the seamless Geological Map of New Zealand 1:250 000 GIS dataset has extended attributes that more fully describe the geological features and allow symbolisation of them in many more ways.

The Geological Map of New Zealand 1:250 000 GIS dataset provides regional-scale geological map information at a consistent high quality for the entire country. As with its QMAP sheet predecessors, the digital GIS data will be used for mineral and petroleum exploration, geotechnical and engineering geology, geological hazard assessment and planning and earth science research. The dataset will be updated most years with increasing technical standardisation, local geological re-interpretation, and to meet evolving information technologies. The dataset is also available through internet services such as a web map service http://maps.gns.cri.nz/geology/web and through a web map application http://data.gns.cri.nz/geology

The second geological map product in the GNS Science Geological Map series, Geological Map of New Zealand 1:1 000 000 will also soon be available. This GIS dataset provides a more general overview of New Zealand geology, including offshore islands. For more information of geological map projects visit http://www.gns.cri.nz/Home/Our-Science/Earth-Science/Regional-Geology