Introducing GeoTrips

GNS Science is delighted to introduce the new GeoTrips website. 

Geotrips inset

GeoTrips has been created to show you places in New Zealand that you can visit to explore our geology and landforms. It is being compiled by GNS Science with expert input from geoscientists around the country, to encourage non geologists to investigate interesting rocks and landforms in the New Zealand natural environment. With about 200 GeoTrips available around the country so far, we will be adding many more over time.

The website includes information on geological outcrops, landforms, built structures, and geological displays. It encourages hands-on, active investigation, inquiry and learning, along with the ability to share information on a social platform.

GeoTrips was launched online by GNS Science in March 2017. The site is still in development in terms of the user interface as well as the addition of content. We envisage that GeoTrips will be of value to interested non-specialists such as public, teachers, students and travellers who are interested in learning about our fascinating environment.

GNS Science is actively seeking sponsorship and support to help develop the GeoTrips website.