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GNS Science supports government initiative towards enhanced geological hazards monitoring - 22/12/2016

Today, there has been a joint announcement by the Minister of Science and Innovation Honourable Paul Goldsmith and the Minister of Civil Defence Honourable Gerry Brownlee that further funding has been provided for enhanced geohazards monitoring to GNS Science.

“We’re very pleased for the support the government has shown by today’s announcement. We look forward to working with our partners to respond to the needs of New Zealanders,” says GNS Science Board Chairman Dr Nicola Crauford.

The funding takes an important holistic approach; not only does it provide for additional technological and operational support to the GeoNet project but also assists in the development of the underpinning scientific knowledge and tools which will reduce risk for all New Zealanders.

GNS Science will work with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, the Earthquake Commission, Land Information New Zealand, and our other partners in the future regarding the details of this extra support.

About GeoNet and GNS Science
GeoNet is the result of a partnership between the Earthquake Commission (EQC), GNS Science, and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The GeoNet project was established in 2001 to build and operate a modern geological hazard monitoring system in New Zealand. It comprises a network of geophysical instruments, automated software applications and skilled staff to detect, analyse and respond to earthquakes, volcanic activity, large landslides, tsunami and the slow deformation that precedes large earthquakes.

GNS Science’s purpose is to undertake research that drives innovation and economic growth in New Zealand’s geologically-based energy and minerals industries, that develops industrial and environmental applications of nuclear science, that increases New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards and that enhances understanding of geological and earth-system processes.

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