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New GNS statement of intent online - 26/04/2002

GNS Science is a research Institute owned by the New Zealand Government and incorporated on 1 July 1992.

Our purpose is to understand earth systems and technologies and to transform this knowledge into economic, environmental, and social benefits for New Zealand.

Specifically, we are

  • the government’s principal earth systems and isotope science researcher and advisor
  • the national expert on off-shore and on-shore energy and mineral resources
  • the national expert on geological hazards and risk, and their economic, social, and environmental impacts
  • the national expert on isotope and nuclear science and technologies
  • the national innovation centre for ion beam and non-invasive scanning technologies
  • the pioneer in researching the geosphere-biosphere interface uniquely accessible in New Zealand
  • a preferred research partner with public and private organisations throughout the world
  • a southern-hemisphere geoscience and isotope-science employer of choice.

We enable New Zealand to:

  • identify and manage renewable and non-renewable geological resources
  • understand, manage, and mitigate the social and economic effects of geohazards
  • facilitate, plan, and manage sustainable environments
  • create innovative technologies

Our principal location is at Avalon, Lower Hutt where 80 percent of staff are based. We also have offices at Wairakei and Dunedin.