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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Allan Freeth joins GNS board - 05/08/2005

Allan Freeth has joined the board of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS).

Funding boost for geological hazard monitoring system - 27/06/2005

The Earthquake Commission’s commitment of an extra $3 million a year to GeoNet, New Zealand’s geological hazard monitoring system, will improve the country’s ability to recover from major natural disasters, says Commission Chairman Neville Young.

New options opening for geothermal energy - 17/06/2005

Advances in technology may enable some geothermal fields to double their present energy output, according to scientists at Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS).

Gold award for meat scanner team - 20/05/2005

A team of scientists from Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS) who develop x-ray-based scanning and measuring equipment have been recognised with a special business award in Wellington.

Haast quake biggest shallow quake this year - 03/05/2005

Today's magnitude 6 earthquake near Haast is the largest shallow earthquake to occur in New Zealand this year, Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS) said.

Rich spoils for NZ-US undersea expedition - 22/04/2005

New Zealand and American scientists are due in Tauranga this weekend for a stopover part-way through a major expedition to explore active submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc, northeast of White Island.

Sub to explore New Zealand undersea volcanoes - 04/04/2005

New Zealand and American scientists have joined forces to explore some of the world's most active undersea volcanoes along the Kermadec Arc, northeast of the Bay of Plenty.

NZ scientists accurately estimates size of tsunami - 31/03/2005

A New Zealand scientist accurately estimated the height of a tsunami that hit a group of sparsely populated islands to the west of Sumatra this week, before reports filtered through that a tsunami had occurred.

Fossil book published after 50 year wait - 18/03/2005

A new book on fossils found in Southland could spark debate on where New Zealand was on the globe 200 million years ago.

Asian tsunami damage prompts rethink in NZ - 28/02/2005

A tsunami similar in size to the Boxing Day event in the Indian Ocean would devastate many coastal parts of New Zealand and overwhelm civil defence, according to Hugh Cowan who led a New Zealand team to Thailand in January. The scale of the damage has prompted a re-evaluation of tsunami hazards in New Zealand.