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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Road show to display 80 million years of life in NZ - 25/07/2006

A major national exhibition on fossils is set to tour New Zealand from late 2007. Designed for audiences of all ages, it will tell a unique New Zealand story and will tour through museums and science centres for two years.

NZ geological expertise offered to quake hit Indonesia - 20/07/2006

A New Zealand engineering geologist leaves for Indonesia this weekend to see how New Zealand expertise can be used in recovery projects following the Yogyakarta earthquake in May.

Young documentary-makers vie for Antarctic trip - 12/06/2006

Three students from Timaru Boys' High School travelled to the Chatham Islands this week on a 10-day adventure to make a short video documentary that could win them a trip to Antarctica.

Erupting volcano a highlight for undersea explorers - 26/05/2006

A New Zealand scientist has just returned from taking part in a multi-national expedition to explore a chain of submarine volcanoes in the Mariana Arc, south of Japan . The four-week expedition marked the first time that anyone has witnessed a volcano erupting on the seafloor.

Abandoned wells an untapped energy source - scientist - 12/04/2006

New Zealand could potentially harness up to 160 megawatts of electricity by tapping in to the geothermal properties of abandoned oil and gas wells, a scientist says.

Magma implicated in Raoul eruption, scientists say - 24/03/2006

Scientists now believe the 17 March eruption at Raoul Island was caused by new magma rising to a shallow depth beneath the island, GNS Science said today.

Signs of increased pressure at Raoul, volcanologist says - 22/03/2006

Scientists who flew over Raoul Island on Tuesday say the hydrothermal system under the island is showing signs of over-pressuring, and further eruptions cannot be ruled out.

NZ to get world-class ice core facility for climate research - 28/02/2006

New Zealand is to get a world-class research laboratory for studying climate history in the Southern Hemisphere. It will be used for storage and analysis of Antarctic and New Zealand glacial ice cores, which are indicators of climate change.

Scientists plan aerial laser survey of Ruapehu lahar path - 17/02/2006

A state-of-the-art aerial survey of the path of the predicted break-out lahar from Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake is scheduled to be flown from Saturday onwards, weather permitting.

Quake anniversary a reminder of NZ's vulnerability - 01/02/2006

New Zealanders who lived through the 1920s and 1930s must have wondered if Mother Nature was out to get them when the country was hit by five large earthquakes within six years.