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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Earth science book a finalist in Montana Awards - 10/06/2009

A book co-published by GNS Science and the Geological Society of New Zealand has been selected as a finalist in the 2009 Montana Book Awards.

Scientists to collect climate records from glaciers - 10/06/2009

Scientists from three countries will camp out high in Mt Cook National Park for the next three weeks collecting ice cores from glaciers for climate research.

Weather extremes dominate natural hazards in 2008 - 15/05/2009

The recent wild weather continues a trend that saw storms rack up record amounts of property damage in 2008.

Southern Hemisphere climate conference brings experts to NZ - 13/05/2009

More than 150 climate scientists from around the world will be in Wellington for the next three days for a conference on Southern Hemisphere climate research.

Scientists capture video of erupting undersea volcano - 11/05/2009

Two New Zealand scientists, who have just returned from witnessing an erupting undersea volcano near the Island of Guam in the Mariana Arc, say the volcano is supporting a thriving community of marine life in spite of the eruptions.

Glaciers out of sync, scientists find - 01/05/2009

Scientists have gained new insights to global climate patterns from the advances and retreats of glaciers in the Mount Cook region over the past 7000 years.

NZ joins world's largest geoscience programme - 06/04/2009

New Zealand has joined a major international scientific drilling programme that will collect sediment cores from beneath the seabed in New Zealand waters later this year.

Scientists push for major new research on Alpine Fault - 27/03/2009

A group of New Zealand and international scientists has proposed a comprehensive plan for a long-term research project to better understand the South Island's largest and most dangerous fault - the Alpine Fault.

Scientists to probe Alpine Fault - 20/03/2009

Scientists from around the world will descend on the West Coast of the South Island next week to discuss an ambitious plan to drill into the Alpine Fault and learn more about earthquakes.

Scientists find evidence of recent undersea eruption - 12/03/2009

Scientists have returned from exploring three submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc where they found evidence of a recent large eruption at one of the volcanoes.