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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

New book details exploits of NZ’s first government geologist - 19/09/2015

A new biography of early Hutt Valley resident James Hector, details the extraordinary life and career of a man who was the go-to expert in pre-1900 New Zealand for everything from public health to patent licences.

Darfield quake the impetus for many science advances - 03/09/2015

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the magnitude 7.1 Darfield earthquake in Canterbury. It caused widespread damage and power outages in Canterbury and while there were no fatalities, two people were seriously injured.

Smart modelling to help with aquifer management 03/09/2015

Smart modelling techniques are going to provide the horsepower behind a range of new methods to improve the management of New Zealand’s aquifers.

New research programme aims to lift oil and gas exploration success rate - 03/09/2015

GNS Science has been awarded funding for a four-year research programme to improve the chances of finding oil and gas accumulations in New Zealand’s sedimentary basins.

New ‘disaster hub’ opens at Massey University’s Wellington campus - 12/08/2015

A one-stop shop for disaster risk reduction and emergency management was officially launched at Massey University’s Wellington Campus this week.
Disaster hub

Kiwi joint venture sells meat scanner software to multi-national - 12/08/2015

Scanning technology that has advanced quality control in New Zealand’s red meat industry, saving millions of dollars a year, has been sold to the multi-national precision instrument-maker Mettler Toledo for an undisclosed sum.

Ruapehu – an explosive past makes for a safer future - 10/08/2015

Scientists, emergency managers, conservation staff, iwi, and university students will gather at Whakapapa Village this week for an event to mark the 20-year anniversary of Mt Ruapehu's 1995-96 eruptions.

NZ and the Philippines ramp up co-operation in geothermal energy - 05/07/2015

GNS Science and Philippine geothermal company Energy Development Corporation (EDC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on geothermal energy developments in several countries.

Brass plaque in capital acknowledges pioneer scientist and leader - 27/07/2015

A brass plaque celebrating the man who founded a brace of government entities 150 years ago was unveiled in downtown Wellington this week.

Isotope science helping in dog extinction study - 17/07/2015

Researchers are turning to isotope science to help unravel the mystery of why the Maori dog, the kuri, became extinct soon after Europeans arrived in New Zealand.