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GNS Science continues to monitor NZ’s geological hazards during COVID-19 crisis - 23/03/2020

New Zealand’s four geohazard perils – earthquake, volcano, landslide and tsunami – are still being continuously monitored despite the COVID-19 pandemic, GNS Science says.

GNS Science is taking a precautionary approach to protect the health of its staff, including those who work in the 24-7 National Geohazards Monitoring Centre (NGMC).

“Thanks to a combination of expertise, technology and dedication, our systems will continue to monitor geological perils – and our scientists will continue to analyse them,” Data Science and Geohazards Monitoring Manager Bruce Girdwood says.

“The GeoNet network is constantly sending data from a network of more than 700 stations, and the information is processed in the cloud.

“That means our scientists can provide their expert analysis from anywhere.”

The NGMC operates 24/7 and is the only service in the world to monitor all four perils in one centre.

“The NGMC is an essential service, and we’ve developed systems and protocols that will allow us to continue operating in extreme circumstances,” Dr Girdwood says.

“In the meantime, we are taking care of all our staff so they can continue to provide excellent science to New Zealand.”