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Media Releases

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GPS to keep track of Mt Ruapehu's movements - 13/02/1998

New satellite receivers on the side of Mt Ruapehu can measure changes in the shape of the mountain as small as a centimetre and may eventually help in forecasting eruptions, French and New Zealand scientists say.

Getting the measure of the volcano - 23/12/2009

When it comes to tough environments, Mt Ruapehu's Crater Lake is harsher than most. Temperatures get down to minus 10 degrees Celsius in winter and the water in the Crater Lake is about pH1, or similar to battery acid.

Scientist on the trail of seafloor minerals - 02/01/1998

Scientists preparing to explore the ocean floor to the ocean floor to the north east of New Zealand believe it could represent the most exciting mineral prospect since gold was first discovered in New Zealand.

No cause for alarm over freshly discovered fault - 01/01/1998

Residents of Whiteman's Valley, 30km north of Wellington, need not pack up and leave just because an active fault has been discovered running through the valley, a geologist says.