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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

Scholarship winner probes the central North Island - 24/02/2009

Volcanoes and active faults in the central North Island will be the focus for the next three years for PhD student Hannu Seebeck.

GNS Science hits milestone with sale of software - 18/12/2008

Crown Research Institute GNS Science has reached a milestone by selling its seismic processing software to international processing provider, Spectrum Geo Limited.

Staying well in Wellington, come hell or high water - 17/11/2008

Healthy attitudes can play a key role in the way people recover from an earthquake or tsunami. A visiting researcher at the Massey University/GNS Science Joint Centre for Disaster Research is undertaking a mail survey of people living in the eastern suburbs of Wellington to determine the knowledge of and attitudes to natural disasters and emergency preparedness.

Project to focus on risk from volcanoes in Auckland - 06/11/2008

A major research project is underway to improve the understanding of the vulnerability of the Auckland region to volcanic eruptions.

New Te Papa attraction offers stunning deep-sea ride - 26/09/2008

Exploring New Zealand's deep sea territory has become accessible to everyone with Te Papa opening a new attraction that takes visitors on a virtual ride to the bottom of the sea to hunt for submarine volcanoes.

Scientists to probe mysterious demise of Easter Islanders - 25/09/2008

A New Zealand-led group of scientists plans to use sophisticated analytical techniques to try and solve the mystery of the sudden collapse of the population on Easter Island in pre-European times.

Something for everyone in superb new earth science book - 11/09/2008

A Continent on the Move is published by the Geological Society of New Zealand in association with government-owned research and consultancy organisation GNS Science. Billed as the most comprehensive book on New Zealand geoscience in several decades, it explores the dynamic features of the New Zealand landscape and the submerged realm of the continent of Zealandia.

Fossil exhibition tour extends to nine venues - 04/08/2008

The major national exhibition NZ Fossils: Dead Precious!, launched in October 2007, has attracted 36,000 visitors in the first eight months of its New Zealand tour.

Scientists plan to drill into fault to study earthquakes - 21/07/2008

A New Zealand-led consortium of scientists is planning to drill into the Alpine Fault in the South Island so they can learn more about earthquakes and how the fault operates.

New test to verify organic vegetables - 03/07/2008

A senior researcher at GNS Science is using a novel test that can verify if vegetables in the supermarket have been grown organically.