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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

Gisborne moves to the east again - 12/04/2010

Gisborne has moved to the east at a rate of several millimetres a week during the past three months, the fifth such episode of slow tectonic movement for Poverty Bay in the past nine years, scientists say.

Natural disasters less costly in 2009 - 7/04/2010

Natural disasters cost New Zealand nearly $80 million less in 2009 than in the previous year, according to an annual review of natural hazards released by the Natural Hazards Centre.

Solander Island much younger than thought - 29/03/2010

Solander Island, 40km south of the Fiordland coast, has been found to be geologically much younger than previously thought.

Nursery an asset to native bush restoration - 15/03/2010

A community alliance has seen GNS Science provide some of its land to a community group that grows native plant seedlings for restoration of areas in East Harbour Regional Park, near Wellington.

Ambitious geological drilling project planned for Antarctica - 11/03/2010

Richard Levy has many roles - lobbyist, project manager, scientist, engineer, and Antarctic logistics specialist.

Scholarship winner probes potential of heat-loving bacteria - 5/03/2010

A heat-loving bacteria that digests cellulose and has the potential to revolutionise the production of ethanol, will be the focus for the next three years for PhD candidate Kevin Lee.

GNS Science supports CRI taskforce report - 5/03/2010

The Chief Executive of GNS Science, Alex Malahoff, has welcomed the Government’s Crown Research Institute Taskforce Report saying its recommendations will serve GNS Science very well.

Positive signs for Reinga Basin - 5/03/2010

Seismic and satellite data show that the Reinga Basin, off the northwest coast of the North Island, is one of the most prospective frontier basins in the New Zealand region, a report by GNS Science says.

NZ and Japan combine in Wellington quake study - 22/02/2010

New Zealand and Japanese scientists are combining forces to investigate the boundary between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates under Wellington to better understand its threat to New Zealand.

Handbook for fossil hunters launched - 17/02/2010

A new handbook on fossil hunting in New Zealand, released this week, gives enthusiasts a wealth of information on where to go and what to look for to find a treasure trove of fossils.