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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

New map shows Lake Rotomahana in more detail than ever - 17/03/2021

A new map of the lakefloor of Lake Rotomahana – produced by GNS Science – has a fan following even though it has only just been published.

One Week On: East Cape and Kermadec Earthquakes - 12/03/2021

One week on from the three large earthquakes off the East Cape and the Kermadec Islands (Rangitāhua), GNS Science researchers are digging into the data to find out more about the massive forces that caused them.

Ten years on: Christchurch earthquake a watershed in so many ways - 22/02/21

Monday 22 February 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the magnitude 6.2 Christchurch earthquake that resulted in 185 deaths. It was part of the ongoing Canterbury earthquake sequence that started with the magnitude 7.1 Darfield earthquake on 4 September 2010.

New research aims to uncover earthquake risk of recently discovered Waikato fault 18/02/21

GNS Science experts have embarked on a research project to determine the earthquake risk of a recently discovered fault in the Waikato.

Alpine Fault rupture record more complex than previously thought, study finds - 04/12/2020

The 650km-long Alpine Fault, which runs up the spine of the South Island, appears to be more complex than previously thought, a new study has found.

Update on Worksafe investigation of Whakaari/White Island eruption

GNS Science has today been advised it faces charges relating to the eruption at Whakaari/White Island on 9 December 2019. We have not yet been advised of the nature of those charges.

Scientists zero in on the causes of slow-slip earthquakes - 16/11/2020

Unravelling the causes of slow-slip earthquakes under the seafloor east of the North Island may lead to more accurate forecasts of big quakes and tsunamis generated by the Hikurangi subduction zone, scientists say.