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On behalf of the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society and the Society for Risk Analysis Australia New Zealand we warmly invite you to join us in Wellington, New Zealand, on 13-14 November 2019 for the combined annual meeting of both societies. This will be held in partnership with Victoria Business School, at Rutherford House in central Wellington.

The theme of the meeting, risk and decision-making, reflects on the different aspects of risks that our individual societies have addressed in the past and plays on the conference location in Wellington, the capital of and centre of government for New Zealand. However, we’ll address more than governmental decision-making. We aim to bring together researchers, consultants, regulators, and policy-makers to discuss how different aspects of risk analysis underpin responsible decision-making. Weaving in Mātauranga Māori and other First Nation knowledge improves the culturally-appropriateness of these decisions.

Risks and their management are an integral part of our lives in the 21st century. Identifying and assessing risks and their uncertainties is paramount for organisations and governments (from local to international) to be able to incorporate these risks into policies and decision-making to protect people, the environment and the economy. The Scientific Programme includes various topic streams, spanning Natural Hazards under a Changing Climate, Biosecurity, Chemical Management, Organisations and Governance, and Health.

Prior to the conference, the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society offers a two-day training course "Introduction to Bayesian Network Modelling".  On Friday 15 November, the Society for Risk Analysis Australia New Zealand will host a workshop  "Understanding cultural assessments" and Victoria Business School will run a workshop on "Theory of Constraints".

The Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society (ABNMS) and the Society for Risk Analysis Australia New Zealand (SRA-ANZ) look forward to seeing you in November to cover these topics and other emerging issues.  In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us by email risk-conf-2019 at gns.cri.nz.

Lee Bailey, President SRANZ
Annemarie Christophersen President ABNMS

   Lee Bailey, President SRANZ                   

Annemarie Christophersen, President ABNMS