Welcome to HADES
The Hotter And Deeper Exploration Science workshop was held in
Taupo, New Zealand on 25-26th May 2011.

HADES brought together international key players of the geothermal and logging industry, as well as data analysts and researchers to discuss and consider short and long term strategies for high temperature (>200°C) tool design, data acquisition and interpretation for the Asian-Pacific region. HADES aimed to review current drilling and borehole logging offerings with a view to identifying potential future development of these technologies.

The HADES Workshop was created as a key component of the Taupo Volcanic Zone - Deep Geothermal Drilling Project (TVZ-DGDP); a proposal to the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) with respect to New Zealand's current Hotter and Deeper Geothermal Program led by Dr Greg Bignall.

The TVZ-DGDP proposal aims to drill, sample (fluid and host rock), and assess the permeability, structure and energy potential of deep-seated geothermal activity in the TVZ. The TVZ is a unique setting in which to observe hydrothermal processes at mid-crustal levels, in conjunction with current research programmes aligned to study the evolution of New Zealand high-temperature geothermal systems. Based on a conservative estimate of available heat beneath known geothermal resources in the TVZ, the total potential accessible deep geothermal resource could exceed 10,000 MWe, which is close to the total installed capacity (2008) in New Zealand.

Download the conference presentations here: