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Global Ash Impact Posters - a resource for dealing with volcanic ash

This page comprises a series of posters providing concise best practice information for critical infrastructure managers to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from ash-producing volcanic eruptions.

Ash-fall posters diagram

Volcanic ash is the most widespread hazard of explosive volcanic eruptions and is likely to affect towns, cities and farmland downwind of a volcano. The disruption can continue long after the volcanic eruption is over.

The posters were commissioned by the following organisations.

Content is based on the latest international research and informed by observations from around the world. It is modified from a set of New Zealand-focussed posters commissioned by the Auckland Lifelines Group.

  • Advice for Airport operators  Airport.pdf (632.83 kB)
  • Advice for Facilities Managers - Buildings Buildings.pdf (675.54 kB)
  • Advice for Operators of generators and HVAC systems HVAC.pdf (516.23 kB)
  • Advice for Power Plant operators Power-Plant.pdf (1,003.08 kB)
  • Advice for Power Transmission and distribution system operations Power-Transmission.pdf (612.76 kB)
  • Advice for Road Network operators Road-network.pdf (650.50 kB)
  • Advice for Urban Clean-up operations Urban.pdf (596.39 kB)
  • Advice for Wastewater collection and treatment managers Wastewater.pdf (722.00 kB)
  • Advice for Water Treatment plant managers Water-treatment.pdf (632.02 kB)

Please also refer to these key booklets:

 For a wide range of information on volcanic health hazards, impacts and advice please go to the IVHHN: https://www.ivhhn.org/

For a wide range of volcanic ashfall impacts and advice for infrastructure, communities and households please go to our interagency resource here: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanic_ash/