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Reptile fossils from an unexplored valley
A team of GNS fossil hunters make discoveries in a remote and unexplored New Zealand valley

First time seen in 200 Million Years
Paleontologist James Crampton hunts for Monotis fossils on a New Zealand beach

Microfossil evolution
Gradual evolution is illustrated by a microscopic foram changing through time from 11 to 5 million years ago...

Curio Bay Petrified Forest
Curio Bay in New Zealand has a unique Jurassic fossil forest

Dinosaur footprints discovery
Dr Greg Browne has identified the first dinosaur footprints in New Zealand

Reptiles and Sharks’ Teeth of Mangahouanga Stream
A GNS Science team explores the remote Mangahouanga Stream in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This is the site of previous discoveries of Cretaceous marine vertebrate fossils and very rare dinosaur bones.