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Lesson Plan 3: Microfossils

Task A: Sorting fossils into groups

Lesson 3a Reading: Microfossils
Lesson 3a worksheets

This activity may be done individually or in groups.

1. You are given some images of micro fossils
2. Sort the microfossils into groups showing similar morphology.
3. Once you have them grouped, write down what methods you used to group them.
4. Discuss the morphological features that you have used.


1. Draw a graph to represent your information.
2. Make inferences on what is the most common group or the least common group from your data.

Task B: Reading Activity

Lesson 3b Reading: Foraminifera
Lesson 3b: True or False exercise
Lesson 3b: Answers

1. Write down whether you think the statements are “True” or “False”, before reading the text.
2. Read the text and re–do “True” or “False”.
3. Discuss with a partner, then in groups where you get the evidence from and explain why you chose “T” or “F”.
4. Re-write the false statements to make them into true statements.