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Lesson Plan 2: Macrofossils

Task: Identifying macrofossil types

Macrofossils are large fossils that do not need a microscope for study

Lesson 2 Reading: Macrofossils Lesson 2 reading Macrofossils.pdf (5.39 MB)
Lesson 2 Worksheets

This activity may be done individually or in groups.

1. Read the information provided on Discovering and naming fossils
2. Cut out images of fossils and sort them into groups showing similar morphology (shapes or features).
3. Try to subdivide your initial groups into smaller sub groups based on their appearance
4. Paste your groupings onto a sheet of paper, showing the main groups and any sub groups.\
5. Write down what methods you used to help with your sorting process
6. Discuss the morphological features that you chose to use for this activity. What features did you choose to classify your groups. Describe some other features that you might have used instead.
7. Were some of the specimens difficult to classify? Why?


  • Draw a graph or diagram to represent your information.
  • Compare and discuss your results with those of others in the class. Did others in the class group the fossils using the same features as you?