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Lesson Plans

Lessons 1 - 3 are for use in intermediate – lower secondary schools (ages 12 – 14) at curriculum level 4.
Children will make distinctions and classify fossil plants and animals. Written by Sharmila Pratap during a RSNZ Primary Science Teacher Fellowship hosted by GNS Science in 2009.
Lesson 4 suits Primary - Intermediate children (ages 6 - 12)

Title Description Learning Areas KC Skills
1. Plant or Animal? Sorting fossils into plant and animal groups Science Managing self
2. Macrofossils Sorting macrofossils into groups using morphological differences Science Thinking
3. Microfossils Sorting microfossils into groups using morphological differences Maths

Using language, symbols and texts;


4. Fossil Casting Making plaster casts of fossils
or other artifacts using
plasticene moulds
Science Hands on activity