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Dinosaur Footprints

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Dinosaur Footprints - A Story of Discovery is a nationally-touring exhibition of dinosaur footprints discovered in Late Cretaceous coastal sandstone rocks in northwest Nelson. They are the first dinosaur footprints ever found in New Zealand, and the first evidence of dinosaurs found in the South Island.

GNS Science and our sponsor, New Zealand Oil & Gas, were very pleased to bring this exhibition to museums around the country. The exhibition featured four dinosaur footprints of varying sizes and orientations. As part of this project we brought to you regular updates on the exhibition, stories about dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints, and news on future science initiatives.

Tour end update, 30 October 2016

GNS Science would like to say a big 'thank you' to all the participating venues in the exhibition tour over the last 28 months.

The final visitor total was 278,867 over 11 venues.

We were grateful for the opportunity to be hosted by your venue.

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Our Latest News page has the most up-to-date information on the Dinosaur Footprints tour. You can also learn more about dinosaurs and their footprints here.

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