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Shaky New Zealand Lesson Plans: Earthquakes at a Plate Boundary

These activities look at the different structures of the tectonic plate boundary in the North and South Islands.

You will need the following PDFs  
Teachers lesson plan
Earthquake Distribution map
mapNZeqs06-07.pdf 583.14 kB
Blank graph for plotting earthquake depth
Instructions for students
Instructions for North Island model
Instructions for South Island model
Printed pieces for North Island model
Printed pieces for South Island model
Information on the New Zealand plate boundaries, and how to use the models to demonstrate them

For teachers:

New Zealand Curriculum tie in: Planet Earth and beyond Shaky _NZ_teachers.pdf (372.88 kB)

Level 5: Investigate the composition, structure and features of the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

Level 6: Investigate the external and internal processes that shape and change the surface features of New Zealand.