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Dead Precious Virtual Tour

Instructions for running the Dead Precious virtual tour:

Click on this link to go on a virtual tour of the NZ Fossils: Dead Precious! exhibition which toured New Zealand form 2007 to 2010.

Move from scene to scene using the arrows – yellow arrows take you to another scene and red arrows to fossil objects and back to the scene.You can also travel using the map by clicking on a scene hotspot and jumping straight to that location.

The blue radar shows you in which direction you are looking, and can also be used to spin around panoramic images by clicking and dragging it around in a circle. Hover over each arrow/map hotspot to see where they will take you. This will also give you information about each fossil on display.

Double-click with your mouse to make the Tour full-screen size.
Press "Esc", or double-click again to exit full-screen.

Virtual tour here.