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Areas of Scientific Research

We apply our scientific knowledge from the atomic to the planetary scale.

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structure, paleontology and stratigraphy, sedimentary and petroleum geology, physical volcanology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, mineralogy, geomorphology, sediment transport

seismic, geopotential (gravity, magnetics) and electromagnetic sounding, seismology, geodesy, heat-flow, hydrogeology, hazard monitoring

organic and inorganic analysis and tracing, mineralogy, hazard monitoring

Isotopic sciences
radiometric dating, stable isotope analysis, ion beam and radiation technologies

ion beam implantation, nano-device development

Environmental biology
taxonomy, biodiversity, biostratigraphy, geomicrobiology

Time-varying geospatial data management and visualisation
GIS mapping, spatial data management, software development

Mathematical modelling
analytical and numerical methods (grid based, cellular automaton, and closed form), optimisation, computer programming including parallel computing

Earthquake and geological engineering
material properties, slope instability, microzoning, engineering performance

Social and economic sciences
human behavioural research, land-use planning, warning response effectiveness, evidence-based policy advice, cost-benefit analyses

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