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Services and products

GNS Science offers a wide range of Products and Services from Consultancy to Laboratory services


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Carbon capture and storage consulting
Assessment of storage potential, risks, and community views of geological CO2 storage sites.

Oil and gas

Petroleum Exploration Services
Petroleum systems research, regional studies, biostratigraphy, basin modelling, reservoir sedimentology and New Zealand fieldtrips.


Geothermal Energy
Expert advice for resource assessment, exploration, sustainable production, and environmental management for geothermal resources.


Groundwater Services
Resource assessment, sampling and analysis, dating and tracing groundwater, environmental studies, data management – mapping, modelling and databases.


Geology, Hazard and Resource Mapping
Mapping, modelling, and managing geological resources and potential natural hazards with Geographic Information Systems.


Marine Surveying & UNCLOS
Marine survey expertise in geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Planning, collection, processing and analysis of seismic, swath bathymetry, ocean chemistry, and other field data.


Mineral Exploration Services
Mineral exploration consultancy, as well as thin section preparation and laboratory analyses.


Paleontological Services
Biostratigraphy: dating rocks in petroleum exploration, forensic palynology projects and groundwater dating studies.

Natural Hazards

Investigating Cause and Consequence
Understanding the processes that create natural hazards, to determine their likely impacts and prepare for future events

Hazard Monitoring
Surveillance, testing, and hazard monitoring for local authorities, industry, and research organisations.

Risk & Society
Identifying possible natural hazard events, and quantifying the impact on people and infrastructure, as well as assessing the probability of risk.

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Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory
The GNS Science Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory is a facility set up for the determination of the mechanical properties of rock and soil materials.

Honey Authentication Facility
Our honey testing facility offers honey source verification using pollen analysis, honey C4 sugar adulteration detection using isotope analysis, and a range of other tests.

Cosmogenic Isotope and Radiochemistry
Isotope analysis and dating of sedimentary deposits, glacial rocks, minerals and fluids using 10Be, 137Cs, 210Pb, 226Ra, and other U and Th series isotopes.

Ion Beam Analysis Research Laboratory
Advanced materials, nanotechnology and environmental pollution measurement.

Minerals Laboratory
XRD analysis, mineral and clay identification, thin section preparation and mineral separation.

New Zealand Ice Core Facility
Processing of ice cores and snow samples for analytical analyses. Working freezer at -18°C and capacity to hold over 2000m of ice core.

Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory
14C analysis using modern AMS technology - applications for geoscience, archaeology, antiquities, atmosphere, environment and others.

Stable Isotope Laboratory
Fast, accurate stable isotope analysis for geothermal, geological, minerals, biological, environmental and geoforensic applications.

Tritium and Water Dating Laboratory
Ultra sensitive measurement of tritium for dating of groundwater. Other techniques include CFC, SF6 and 14C.

New Zealand Geothermal Analytical
ISO17025:2005 accredited water and gas analyses for geothermal, groundwater and environmental applications. Sampling, analysis, interpretation and monitoring services available.

Fleming Centre: Paleontology Collections
and Laboratories
The Fleming Centre at GNS Science houses the National Paleontological Collection, additional fossil collections from overseas, the macropaleontology and sedimentology laboratory; and the micropaleontology laboratory.

Palynology and Earth Science Laboratories
The Palynology and Earth Science multipurpose laboratories designed for a wide range of sample preparation and analysis within a secure, safe and contaminant-free environment for the study of pollen, spores, dinoflagellate cysts and other microscopic organic material.