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Our Business

Governance & Revenue

Our Business is Science.

Our revenue is generated from:

  • open bidding and negotiation for public-good research contracts (40–45%)
  • consultancy, product development, and laboratory services for the public and private sectors (20–30%)
  • monitoring geological hazards for the New Zealand Earthquake Commission (15–20%)
  • advice to central and local government agencies (5–10%)
  • a government grant to maintain and enhance our capabilities (5–10%) 

Our expenses arise from:

  • personnel costs (50–55%)
  • materials, supplies and services (30–35%)
  • direct expenses in monitoring geological hazards (5–10%)
  • depreciation and amortisation (5–10%).

We pay company tax on our profits. Each year we make capital investments in scientific equipment and infrastructure, using profits or bank borrowings. This ensures our capabilities keep pace with, or lead, international standards.

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