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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Logo
We are committed to:

  • our workers and any member of the public in the vicinity of our work, being safe at work and going home healthy and safe
  • actively working towards creating zero harm workplaces
  • taking individual responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe and to stop unsafe acts if we see them.
  • continuously improving our health and safety practices and culture

To achieve this we will:


  • demonstrate leadership and commitment to achieving positive health and safety outcomes
  • care for, engage with and actively support our workers in health and safety activities
  • support our workers to model best practice health and safety behaviours, and to hold each other to account
  • empower and support our workers to make good decisions by providing information, training, supervision and wellness programmes, as well the equipment and resources they need to work in a safe and healthy way


  • identify and assess risks and unsafe behaviours and take all steps to manage these to as low as reasonably practicable
  • use robust systems and processes which are easy to understand and follow
  • continuously improve our health and safety performance by establishing guiding principles and measurable targets
  • regularly monitor and review our health and safety performance and systems
  • report and investigate all workplace incidents
  • support the rehabilitation and early return to work of our workers following an injury.


  • comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice, and ensure best-practice health and safety procedures are embedded in all our activities by following GNS Science Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • require our contractors and other Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to demonstrate how they’re working towards creating zero harm workplaces.



Our Board is responsible for setting the direction for health and safety management and ensuring it is achieved. The Board is committed to prevent harm to those in GNS workplaces and those affected by GNS operations.

Chief Executive:
Our Chief Executive is responsible for providing a safe workplace, for leading our drive for better health and safety across all our activities, and for ensuring we have the capability and capacity to implement an effective health and safety management system.

People leaders:
People leaders visibly lead by example, both within our organisation and with our contractors, and model the health and safety behaviours we require. Collectively, they are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of our health and safety management system. They support, guide and monitor the health and safety activity and performance of our workers.

Our workers
(including students and visiting scientists):
We look after ourselves and we look out for each other. We all have a personal responsibility to learn, understand and follow the principles and requirements of our health and safety management system. This means working in a way that is healthy and safe for ourselves and others. We are all accountable for our actions, and responsible for demonstrating leadership in health and safety when engaging with contractors and other PCBUs.

Our contractors, clients and other PCBUs:
We share a responsibility with our contractors and other PCBUs to achieving excellence in health and safety performance, by leveraging the best that we each bring, and challenging each other to be better. We are looking for our contractors and other PCBUs to demonstrate that their commitment to health and safety reflects and supports ours when working with us. In return, we have a re-sponsibility to take an active role in building on our clients’ commit-ment to health and safety across all our activities so that, between us, we create better workplaces in New Zealand.

Download or print our policy here: Health-and-Safety-GNS-Science.pdf (283.82 kB)