Terms and Conditions

GNS Standard Terms and Conditions

By submitting the sample(s), the client agrees that the required services shall be carried out subject to the GNS Standard Terms and Conditions, and the Additional Terms and Conditions for tritium sample submission.

Terms and conditions   

Additional Terms and Conditions for Tritium Sample Submission

By submitting the sample(s), the Client also agrees to the following Additional Terms and Conditions:

Notify of Use Intended for Legal Disputes

The Client must notify GNS Science prior to submitting the samples whether the measurements or other results of the required services are intended for use in or form part of any legal dispute.  In these circumstances, GNS Science reserves the right to decline to undertake the services.

Do Not Submit "Hot" Samples

  • GNS Science laboratory equipment is designed for extremely low-level tritium (<0.1TR) water samples. Only uncontaminated rainwater, sediments and groundwater, which should be well below 30TU, are acceptable.
  • GNS Science does not accept any high tritium samples (with expected activity above 1000TU; 3pCi/ml), also known as "hot" samples.
  • Any Client submitting "hot" samples indemnifies GNS Science for any and all costs and losses suffered by GNS Science as a result of the Client's submission of "hot" samples including any loss of analytical capability due to the carry-over of tritium from the Client's samples to other samples and the laboratories of GNS Science.
  • Such "hot" samples, originating from the vicinity of nuclear installations or from tracer tests, could easily be measured in a commercial-type liquid scintillation system and should not be sent to GNS Science Water Dating Laboratory.

Please contact us before shipping samples to discuss your needs and that their arrival can be arranged.