Sample Scope

We have extensive experience in the analysis of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen and hydrogen isotopes by mass spectrometry.

Our laboratory also operates a modern, well-equipped sample processing laboratory and our facilities are complemented by the multi-disciplined earth science expertise available at GNS Science.

Well Discharge

Our highly qualified team of scientists and technicians are able to process most inorganic and organic material for isotope analysis.

Most common samples handled:

  • Ice cores
  • Natural waters (rainwater, groundwater, lakes, rivers, estuaries, marine)
  • Minerals sourced from ancient deposits, marine volcanoes, hot springs
  • Organics (soil, wood, fibres)
  • Tracers in water
  • Hydrothermal fluids
  • Rocks and ores
  • Food (especially honey) and drink
  • Oil and gas

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Contact us for technical advice via email (or telephone at the clients cost) on the suitability of your samples for stable isotope analyses and sampling advice as to how to collect samples. An interpretative report is also available on request.