Research and Consultancy

We are committed to an ongoing programme of research to ensure that optimum levels of scientific accuracy are offered. We welcome collaborative research proposals and the opportunity to assist and contribute to research design.

Areas of Expertise


Scientist Karyne Rogers testing whether eggs are from battery or free range hens.

  • Paleoclimate: analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of ice cores to reconstruct past climate
  • Environment: analysis of nitrogen isotopes in water systems, to understand effects of land use and pollution on estuaries, lakes and near-shore marine systems
  • Ore deposits: analysis of hydrogen carbon, oxygen and sulphur isotopes of minerals associated with ancient ore deposits, and minerals actively forming at hot springs and submarine volcanoes
  • Soils, forests and agricultural research: analysis of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in organic matter, water and greenhouse gases
  • Hydrology: analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios in water, and dissolved carbon in the natural added tracers of environmental and engineering systems
  • Fluid geochemistry: applying oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur isotope geochemistry to geothermal and volcanic hydrothermal environments
  • Geology: analysis of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and sulphur isotope ratios of rocks from all environments – to better understand how they formed
  • Paleodiet and ecology studies: analysis of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur isotopes, to investigate ancient diet and food web relationships
  • Forensic studies: detection of food and beverage adulteration, particularly honey adulteration, and isotope analysis of specific compounds
  • Hydrocarbon research: analysing carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios in oils, gases, and source rocks to differentiate between different families of oil and their source rocks.