Research and Consultancy

Our highly qualified team of scientists and technicians have participated in various research topics which ensure that optimum levels of scientific knowledge are offered. We welcome collaborative research proposals.


Research programmes that we have been involved with include:

  • Earthquakes: Work with geologists to age-date pre-historic ruptures on major New Zealand faults including the Wellington Fault, the Alpine Fault, and the Wairarapa Fault to elucidate past fault behaviour and possible future earthquake threat.
  • Landslides: Age-date significant pre-historic landslides in New Zealand to elucidate possible future threat from this hazard.
  • Tsunami: Age-date pre-historic tsunami deposits on New Zealand’s coastline to elucidate size and frequency of these events and possible future threat.
  • Volcanoes: Age-date pre-historic eruptions from volcanoes in Auckland and the central North Island to elucidate past behaviour and possible future threat.
  • Archaeology: Work with archaeologists in numerous countries in the study of pre-historic societies and early human settlement.
  • Antiquities: Age-date antiquities and detect fakes for museums and art dealers internationally.
  • Marine biology: Help in the study of life cycles of commercial fish species in New Zealand to aid fisheries management.
  • Oceanography: Help with research on circulation pathways and quantity of inorganic carbon in Southern Hemisphere oceans to monitor changes in ocean chemistry.
  • Atmosphere: Help with research on atmospheric circulation in the Southern Hemisphere. Work with NIWA to maintain a record of carbon-14 concentration in the atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere that dates back to the early 1950s.
  • Environment & climate research: Trace movement of carbon atoms through the environment to aid carbon accounting and thus enable the government and private sector to make informed decisions on how best to respond to the impact of, and adaptation to, climate change.

Consultancy services: in research design and data interpretation.