Antarctic Climate 2100

Ross Sea iceberg, GNS VML #8062

Iceberg in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Photo: Robin Falconer

Antarctic Climate 2100 (AntClim21) is one of six flagship research programmes hosted by SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research). The principal focus of this programme is to improve predictions on how the Antarctic / Southern Ocean environment will change over the 21st Century and beyond in response to natural and anthropogenic forcing factors. Paleo-reconstructions of key past time intervals are used to model these environmental responses for the Antarctic region.

The research focuses on three main themes:

  • Theme 1. Quantification of Antarctic climate variability.
  • Theme 2. Climate model verification for the Antarctic region.
  • Theme 3. Antarctic climate projection to 2100 AD

To find out more about this programme, visit the SCAR page or Facebook.