Honey Source Verification

Honey samples for analysis

Analysis of the pollen content of honey has long been used to investigate provenance and provide a quantitative measure of floral origin (e.g. manuka pollen percentage). We provide services to major New Zealand honey producers and distributors, and overseas importers.

To fully characterise pollen content, not only the botanical species present but their relative abundance and concentration should be identified. This is critical when honey with different pollen profiles are blended, so that a blend has a predictable percentage of characteristic pollen. Accurate measurement depends on close attention to technical details.

We offer two levels of analysis:

1. A standard analysis (based on DIN 10760) identifying only the major components, and not separating manuka and kanuka;

2. A full botanical analysis (also based on DIN 10760) with identification of manuka and kanuka percentages as well as other pollen components.

Analyses 1 and 2 include honey colour density (Pfund) determination at no extra charge.

Prices (GST exclusive):

Sample type   Price per sample
New Zealand honey standard analysis $280
New Zealand honey full botanical analysis* $350
Non-NZ honey or overseas returns (by prior arrangement) Price on application
Pollen analysis of other products Price on application

*Analyses separate manuka and kanuka pollen

Analyses are subject to Standard Terms and Conditions


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