Sample Submission

Please contact us prior to sending any samples.

Download Documents:

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Cosmogenic Submission form.pdf (59.03 kB)

Standard Terms and Conditions.pdf (30.96 kB)

1. How to send samples

Send dry samples, where possible – we prefer samples that have been freeze-dried.

Use courier or registered post. Trackable courier dispatch or registered post is recommended and samples are acknowledged on receipt by us. Couriers commonly used include DHL and Federal Express but also consider your postal services as they usually have fixed price postage Priority or Express Mail International tracked envelopes or boxes allowing up to some maximum weight.

Label package: "Samples for Scientific Analysis - no commercial value".

2. Documentation

Sample identification: All samples should be accompanied with sufficient documentation to identify each individual sample. This would include the nature of the sample material, full name and contact details of the submitter and where applicable additional information for the purposes of invoicing e.g. order numbers

Treatment history: Details of any prior treatment of the sample, such as cleaning, drying, treatment with solvents or preservatives, or any repair work should also be supplied. The relevant information can be supplied via our Sample Submission Form (pdf), a copy of which can be mailed or faxed to you on request.

MPI Import Permit: IMPORTANT!! Samples sent from outside New Zealand must be accompanied by a copy of the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries Import Permit. Failure to do this may result in your samples being delayed on entry into New Zealand. Do not send your samples without the permit.

Inclusion of the MPI Import Permit with the sample documentation and writing the permit number on the outside of the package is all that is required.

Please address to Andy Phillips.

3. Sample Sizes

Please contact us before sending your samples, as amounts vary depending on the type of analysis being performed.

4. Reporting Times

Please contact us about any time sensitivities with your samples being processed as reporting times generally depend on the current workload in the lab.