Prices and Analytical Methods

Isotope Method used Sample size requirement Price
210Pb Alpha spectrometer ~10 g of dry sediment in 8-sample batches $570 each* + $230 set up fee
10Be, 9Be, 7Be AMS , ICP-OES, gamma spectrometry Contact us

226Ra, 228Ra, 228Th &

210Pb (210Po)

Gamma & alpha spectrometry Contact us

New compact mass spectrometer at the Rafter Laboratory facility.

*This price is for the alpha spectrometry method, which we find is much more efficient than gamma spectrometry and the background noise is virtually zero. The end result is a 210Pb profile, with relatively small error bars, from which reliable sedimentation rates can be estimated. In favourable cases we can use gamma spectrometry should accuracy be less important.

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