Questions for decision makers

Decision making questions to be considered of planning options (adapted from Standards New Zealand, 2004, p82)

Acceptability Is the risk reduction option likely to be accepted by relevant stakeholders?
Administrative efficiency Is this risk reduction option easy to implement or will it be neglected because of difficulty of administration or lack of expertise?
Compatibility How compatible is the risk reduction option with others that may be adopted?
Continuity of effects Will the effects be continuous or only short term? Will the effects of this risk reduction option be sustainable? At what cost?
Cost effectiveness Is it cost effective, could the same results be achieved at a lower cost by other means?
Economic and social effects What will be the economic and social impacts of this risk reduction option?
Effects on the environment What will be the environmental impacts of this risk reduction option?
Equity Are risks and benefits distributed fairly e.g. do those responsible for creating the risk pay for its reduction?
Individual freedom Does the risk reduction option deny any basic rights?
Jurisdictional authority Does this level of organisation or government have the authority to apply this option? If not, can higher levels be encouraged to do so?
Leverage Will the risk reduction option lead to additional benefits in other areas?
Objectives Are organisational objectives advanced by this risk reduction option?
Regulatory Does the risk reduction option (or lack of option) breach any regulatory requirements?
Political acceptability Is it likely to be endorsed by the relevant government authority? Will it be acceptable to communities?
Risk creation Will this risk reduction option introduce new risks?
Timing Will the beneficial effects be realised quickly?

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Standards New Zealand. (2004). Risk Management Guidelines: companion to AS/NZS 4360:2004: Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand.