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Step 2 - Determine severity of consequences

Step 2 Determine severity of consequences Risk analysis tasks Risk Communication tasks

The purpose of this stage is to build a picture of the possible consequences & impact of a natural hazard event. Natural hazard information, coupled with information about the proposed development and existing land use is used to undertake an assessment of consequences.

Information about the natural hazard impact and the development is ground-truthed through engagement with specialists, those with local knowledge, and stakeholders.

1. Determine consequences for a) individual and b) cascading hazards and assess against Consequence Table.

2. Determine severity of consequences for the hazard event - the highest severity of impact will set the consequence level.

1. Use engagement approach identified earlier to share, review and update information about natural hazards and potential consequences [Validating local hazard impacts].

2. Update stakeholder analysis (following consequence analysis, new stakeholders may become apparent).

3. Assess engagement approach – is it still right for the situation?

4. Record decisions and assumptions for transparency.

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