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GeoCad grid#2

GeoCad is GNS Science’s software for preparing models of groundwater, geothermal and other multi-phase flows for the Tough2 family of simulators.

Grid generation

  • Easy-to-use CAD-type interface
  • Error-free simulator input files
  • Interactive editing of model
  • Standard file format for different simulators
  • Visual display of model allows for easy checking

Boundary condition specification

  • Easy-to-use CAD-type interface
  • Automatic interpolation of scattered boundary data
  • Automatic generation of boiling point for depth initial and boundary conditions

Simulation parameters

  • Parameters associated with a simulation are specified using an interactive form editor. Sensible defaults are provided and the user need only specify those parameters where the defaults are not acceptable.


  • The GeoCad suite also contains a special built post-processor for analysing simulation results.

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