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Overview of EXERGY

Overview documents of EXERGY:

Read about EXERGY - what it is and its applications.

Why use EXERGY?

EXERGY saves operating costs. It has a unique ability to detect problems, diagnose causes and recommend remedial actions. It also allows operators to prioritise problems by providing an estimated cost per hour of the problem.

  • EXERGY gives you continuous online efficiency monitoring
  • EXERGY lets you pinpoint efficiency losses
  • EXERGY delivers instant reporting and diagnostics
  • EXERGY finds the root cause of problems, automatically

EXERGY is the ONLY software available for continuous efficiency monitoring that is based on sound physics. No "training datasets" are required; no details of the machinery used, only baseline performance data and a drawing of the plant's thermodynamic topology. EXERGY allows trending of component efficiencies and drill-downs to locate sources of problems . It archives data in historical data archives such as PI, or to proprietary archives.

How does it work?

Plant efficiency management in the first instance is concerned with the Heat Rate, a 1st Law measure of efficiency. Ultimately you want to produce as much output for the least expenditure of fuel. When plant efficiency deteriorates, either through incorrect operation, sudden failure in a component or through gradual loss of condition, the challenge is to find the cause and then cost the value of repairs. Ad-hoc measures of component efficiency (eg "condenser cleanliness","boiler fouling", "TTD', or "isentropic efficiency") are not useful for this analysis. In contrast, 2nd Law efficiency measures are ideally suited for this task because it is the same reason for all components. Exergy (availability) losses are additive (i.e. the total exergy loss for the plant is the sum of all the component losses), enabling attribution of the losses to particular plant components. The plant is modelled as a hierarchy of components, starting with the entire plant. Losses are tracked from the top level of the plant down to individual components.

The latest version of EXERGY runs on standard PC equipment in a Windows environment and draws data from the stations instrumentation. It analyses this data according to the (First and Second) Laws of Thermodynamics and alarms inefficiencies, providing operators with recommended actions to re-establish efficient operating conditions.

Key Points about EXERGY

  • Effectively real time reporting of plant performance to operators at their console but in background.
  • Can report against plant original specification by showing benchmarks on particular performance graphs.
  • Runs a 90 minute window on the screen so most deviations are detected 45 minutes after occurrence which allows trends to develop and short term deviations to be filtered out by operators.
  • Deviations are tracked to a particular plant location or component allowing investigations to be targeted.
  • Suggestions as to possible corrections are made if changing control points is likely to work.
  • Operations can explore performance using plant instrumentation and calculated efficiency measures.
  • The system only reports deviations so does not need continuous operator monitoring.
  • Problems can be prioritised through the estimated cost of the deviation being displayed.

Who uses EXERGY?

EXERGY is licensed worldwide to thermal power stations.

Where do I buy EXERGY?

EXERGY provides a range of software and service solutions at compelling price points. Contact us here to discuss our range of products and services, and find out how EXERGY can increase the efficiency of your power station.

Who are we?

EXERGY has been developed by Entropy (NZ) and its partners. GNS Science is the worldwide agent for EXERGY sales and development. We are a government-owned science organisation.