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Popular maps, geological timelines and aerial photos.

The publications listed here are available for purchase on the Webshop. Please contact us if you have any enquiries in this regard.

NZ geological timescale cover

(PS41) The New Zealand Geological Time Scale Wall Chart
 490mm x 700mm $10.00

Geological map of NZ

(PS40) Geological Map of New Zealand
 590mm x 910mm $25.00

The New Zealand continent

(PS35) The New Zealand Continent
 900mm x 685mm $20.00

(GPS4) Aotearoa New Zealand (showing EEZ)
 900mm x 685mm $25.00


(GPS6) Ruapehu eruption (replaces PS33)
 1000mm x 340mm $15.00

(PS20) Tasman glacier (Out of print)
 340mm x 1010mm $15.00

(GPS1) Central North Island volcanoes
 1000mm x 340mm $20.00

(PS22) Mt Cook avalanche 14 December 1991
 290mm x 420mm $15.00

(PS23) Alpine backdrop
 1000mm x 340mm $15.00

(PS24) Auckland panorama
 340mm x 1010mm $15.00

(PS25) Tarawera, (PS25L) Tarawera (laminated)
 595mm x 295mm $15.00

(GPS2) Banks Peninsula
 595mm x 295mm $20.00

(PS27) Mt Eden, (PS27L) Mt Eden (laminated)
 595mm x 295mm $15.00

(PS28) Wellington
 595mm x 295mm $15.00

(PS30) Mt Taranaki
 600mm x 290mm $15.00

(PS31) Queenstown
 1000mm x 340mm $15.00

(PS32) Bush Kaitoke
 1000mm x 340mm $15.00

(PS37) Mt Ngauruhoe

(PSLS) Landforms poster set

$50.00. See all 12 posters in the set here.

(PSFS) Fossil poster set
 430mm x 360mm, and 840mm x 600mm. $40.00

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